Timeline for Planning Your Wedding

Are you newly engaged or do you anticipate being engaged sometime in the near future? Then you know that after you say “yes,” it’s time to start planning your big day! It’s estimated that most couples spend anywhere from one year to 18 months planning their wedding – and suffice to say that there’s a lot you need to be doing in this relatively short period of time.

To help keep you on track and check off some milestones when you need to make decisions on certain things, we’ve put together this timeline for planning your wedding. Read on for more of what you need to know:

First Things First: Select a Venue, Date

It doesn’t matter what type of timeline for wedding planning you’re working with, the first thing you need to do is select a venue and/or set a date. If you have your heart set on a particular venue, you might need to have the availability of your venue determine your date. If you’re not picky about your venue, however, you can set a date and then select a venue. This should be the first step, regardless of whether you’re planning a wedding in six months or 2 years, because it’s going to influence so many of the other decisions that you’ll need to make.

In tandem with the venue and date, you’ll want to set a budget and think of an approximate guest list. Keep in mind that you can expect about 20 percent of the guests you invite to decline.

Next Up: Select Your Vendors & Wedding Planner

The best part about a wedding planner, is that they can help you choose your vendors! Professional wedding planners can help take the stress away from wedding planning and help you navigate all of the options. They can share their experiences and vendors they like to work with which makes the process move smoothly.

But, regardless of whether or not you’re a year out or a few months out, the next big thing you’ll want to check off your list are your vendors. We’re talking about photographers and videographers, a caterer (if necessary), hotel blocks, linens, a DJ or band, a florist and more. These are all vendors that will book up, so the sooner you’re able to book them, the better.

Additionally, you’ll want to cue in any VIP wedding guests on your big day and ask them to participate in any extra special role when you tie the knot. So make sure to select your bridal party, ring bearer, flower girl, ushers, and tell any other VIP guests about your plans and give them an early “save the date” of sorts.

Finalize Your Guest List

After you select your date, location and vendors and give any VIPs a heads up on your wedding date, you’ll want to move on to finalizing your guest list in your wedding timeline. Your guest list will influence a lot of future decisions that will come closer to the wedding, such as how many invitations to send, seating charts, favors and more.

9 Months Out: Send Save-the-Dates, Get Dresses, Tuxedos Fitted

At about the 9-month mark, it’s time to start selecting save-the-dates and sending them to your prospective guests as a friendly heads-up about your big day. (If you’re working on a more condensed timeline than 9 months, then you can probably skip sending a save-the-date.) Additionally, you’ll want to start getting serious about finding a wedding dress and getting the guys fitted for tuxedos.

Next, you’ll want to create your wedding registry and start ironing out details on bridal shower dates.

6 Months Out: Shop for Bands, Plan Your Honeymoon

You’re getting down to the nitty gritty. Now’s the time to shop for wedding bands and start planning your honeymoon. We should note that if you’re planning a wedding in six months, then you’ll have to get serious and pack everything that we’ve already mentioned into that time period.

3 Months Out Through Your Wedding Day

You’re in the home stretch. This period consists of finalizing vendor agreements, getting final fittings for attire, solidifying your guest list, booking hair/makeup appointments, sending invitations, and going over those last minute details.

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