The Perfect Bridal Party: Everything Your Bridesmaids Need

The Perfect Bridal Party: Everything Your Bridesmaids Need

Weddings are an exciting time not only for the couple but also for everyone involved. Parents, siblings, and close friends look forward to the wedding of a loved one, and one of the best parts of a wedding is that you can involve the people you love!

You have found your soulmate and there is a ring on your hand! Now what? One of the first things a bride considers is her bridal party. However, working with your bridesmaids can involve a lot of moving parts.

Looking to create the perfect bridal party? In this article, we list everything your bridesmaids need for your wedding day. Read on to discover how to organize a bridal party.

Who Are the Bridesmaids

A ceremonial wedding party can involve a lot of figures and roles, but one of the most traditional roles of a wedding ceremony is the bridesmaids. These are typically close friends or family members of the bride to form an entourage.

Bridesmaids are in charge of helping the Maid of Honor and serving as a support team for both her and the bride. The bridesmaids can assist with pre-wedding tasks such as addressing invitations, help plan the bachelorette party and/or bridal shower, and even making trips with the bride on wedding planning outings.

On the day of the wedding, bridesmaids are also tasked with co hosting guests and ensuring there is never a dull moment on the dance floor. They are there to support the bride emotionally, get ready with her, and help ensure that everything goes smoothly throughout the duration of the event. A good bride tribe is going to put the bride and her needs first, making sure that she is eating, staying hydrated throughout the day, and has everything she needs to walk down the aisle and marry the love of her life!

The Perfect Dress

Before you can say “I do,” you will need to make sure that your tribe is fully equipped to stand beside you on that day! The bridesmaids’ dress is often the first thing a bridal party will think about. Bridesmaids often look for their dresses after the bride finds her, which allows the bridesmaids to coordinate the style and color.

Not sure where to start looking for the perfect bridesmaids’ dress? Here are some tips for choosing bridesmaid dresses.

Ask for Input

Even if you’re decided on your vision, ask your bridesmaids for their input! It’s crucial to stay open-minded when coordinating with your bridal party. You may introduce  your initial idea and accept suggestions or revisions from your bridal party. While this is your day and you have the final say, it is also courteous to consider your party’s comfort (and budget!) as well.

While not required, you may also coordinate a group outing to help your bridesmaids find their dresses. If everyone is unable to go shopping together, allow them to send you pictures of dresses that they would like to wear during the ceremony. Remember, this is your day but they are the ones paying for these dresses and wearing them throughout the wedding, so try to keep an open mind if one of your ladies has a concern!

Choosing a Shade

When considering your bridal party attire, finding the perfect color for your bridesmaid dresses can be difficult for some! If that is you, start by laying out your palette. You may also consider the venue and season and play off the colors in the environment.

Rich and earthy colors like burgundy and emerald would look great during the fall. You may opt for lighter shades and pastels like mint green and blush pink for spring and summer weddings.


Try to choose a color that will complement all skin tones. Sand and blush colors are a universal color that flatters all skin tones. For fairer complexions, look for jewel-tone dresses. If your bridesmaids have darker skin, you can opt for bright and bold hues.

If you can’t settle on one color, try going the non-traditional route and choose different shades of the same color or ask your bridesmaids to suggest their favorite colors. Select a color that everyone would love and allow them to select their desired hue.

Choosing a Style

Traditionally, bridesmaids dresses are all the same color and style. If your girls have a wide range of varying body types, you might consider allowing your bridesmaids to wear different styles that they feel comfortable in. Try to be inclusive and open-minded regarding the styles your friends want to wear. Your bridesmaids will feel more confident if they choose a dress they want to wear.

Direction and Guidance

Being a bridesmaid can be a taxing job, especially if the bride has high expectations. When assembling your bridal party, remember to give them some direction and communicate your expectations early on!

If your bridal party has different groups of friends, do your best to make sure they’re getting along. Inform your bridesmaids what you expect from them ahead of time. If you have any duties or tasks to give them, remember to inform them in advance, and with plenty of time.

Bridesmaids often pay for their individual dresses along with their shoes and accessories, but hair and makeup can be a bit tricky. If you are requiring them to use your professional stylists to do their hair, try to be open-minded if a few of your girls are unable to feat the bill for those services. Consider offering to pay for everyone if you do not want to make it optional for their hair and makeup to be done by a pro! If you’re shopping for dresses with your bridesmaids, keep track of their expenses.

It’s crucial to consider your friends’ lifestyles and financial capabilities. If one of your bridesmaids is struggling, narrow your search to a more affordable range, or even offer to help out as needed!

Hair and Makeup Supplies

For the wedding day, have your bridal party prepare their hair and makeup supplies. Remind them to bring a robe or slip-on shirt, unless you are supplying them as a gift.. They can use this while preparing so they can get changed with ease and avoid ruining their makeup.

Even if you have a makeup artist on board, advise them to bring their own makeup. They can use this to touch-up as you continue through the night. Bringing a travel mirror will allow you to focus on your makeup without crowding the room. Remember to bring extra hair ties and bobby pins. If you decide to pull back your hair or pin loose strands, hair ties and bobby pins will come in handy.

Emergency Supplies

For any event, it’s always better to come prepared. Have a pack of band-aids in your bag or clutch to cover blisters from new heels. Always bring extra tampons or sanitary pads even if you’re not on your period.

Don’t forget to bring any prescribed medication and pain relievers. It’s also good practice to bring vitamins to boost your immune system. Eye drops will help get rid of redness in your eyes for the ceremony.

If you forget, the D’Vine Grace bridal suite has a complimentary emergency kit readily accessible to grab some of those essentials that may have accidentally been left behind!

A Bridesmaid Gift

If you’re the bride, consider getting your bridesmaids a gift. Giving your girls a small gift will show your appreciation for their time, effort, and company. You don’t have to spend an extra hundred dollars for a bridesmaid’s gift.

A small token or personalized letter can be a simple way to show your appreciation. If you’re willing to spend extra money on your bridesmaids, consider getting matching jewelry.

Get Everything Your Bridesmaids Need Today

From dress shopping to bachelorette party planning, a bridal party has a lot of responsibility in contributing to your perfect day! Don’t forget that communication is key! Every member of your bride tribe is different, making it crucial to communicate your expectations early to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Thank you for reading our article! Looking for a team to help you perfect your wedding? Contact us today!

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