Summer Wedding Venue at D'Vine Grace Vineyard

Everything You Need to Know About Selecting a Summer Wedding Venue

If you are considering locations for your summer wedding, you have a lot of options in and around McKinney – and a local favorite is D’Vine Grace Vineyard. but how do you choose a summer wedding venue that’s perfect for you? This guide explains.

How to Select the Perfect Summer Wedding Venue

There’s a lot to consider when you’re choosing a summer wedding venue, including:

  • Size
  • Location
  • Amenities
  • Style

Here’s a closer look at each.

Factor #1 When Choosing a Summer Wedding Venue: Size

Your wedding venue needs to be able to accommodate all the guests you want to invite. But there’s more to it than that; you don’t want the venue to be too large and dwarf your special day, either. When you’re choosing a summer wedding venue, keep in mind that although a venue may be able to accommodate a certain number of guests sitting, dining or dancing, a large guest list can put an undue burden on necessities, such as the restrooms, bars and parking.

The best way to determine whether a wedding venue is sized properly for your summer event is to tour the facilities. Many people find that because D’Vine Grace Vineyard has four separate wedding venues, including our Grand Ballroom, Il Prato, La Piazza D’Amore and Chapel D’Vina, it’s the perfect fit for a wedding of any size.

A good rule of thumb is to allow seated guests approximately 14 square feet each. If guests are dancing, you need an additional 4.3 square feet per person (for a total of 18.3 square feet). The following table outlines the minimum space you need based on the size of your guest list.

Number of Guests Seated Dancing
50 700 square feet 915 square feet
75 1,050 square feet 1,373 square feet
100 1,400 square feet 1,830 square feet
150 2,100 square feet 2,745 square feet
200 2,800 square feet 3,660 square feet
250 3,500 square feet 4,575 square feet
300 4,200 square feet 5,490 square feet
350 4,900 square feet 6,405 square feet
400 5,600 square feet 7,320 square feet
450 6,300 square feet 8,235 square feet


Factor #2 When Choosing a Summer Wedding Venue: Location

Location is incredibly important when you’re choosing a summer wedding venue. You want everything to be convenient for both you and your guests, so ideally, you’ll find a location such as D’Vine Grace Vineyard – a place you can host your rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception all in one.

D’Vine Grace Vineyard is conveniently located in McKinney, TX, just a short distance from Plano, Frisco, Dallas, Irving, Garland and Fort Worth.

Summer Wedding Venue at D'Vine Grace Vineyard Factor #3 When Choosing a Summer Wedding Venue: Amenities

When you’re planning your dream wedding at a summer wedding venue, amenities are important. Whether you want to be indoors or out, have plenty of photograph opportunities, or provide catering and cocktails for your guests, you need a space that can accommodate your wish list.

You’ll also want personal amenities for you and your guests. Summer in Texas means it’s going to be hot at some point during the event. You may choose to hold either your ceremony or reception, or both, in one of our air-conditioned indoor spaces to allow you and your guests to cool off. You also might want to have a venue that has ample space for you to get ready and stay cool before your wedding.

D’Vine Grace Vineyard is one of the premier summer wedding venues in the Dallas area because we offer all the amenities you need for a fairytale wedding. From four breathtakingly beautiful venues and event spaces to a gorgeous groom and bridal suite to a full-service wedding catering and bar service, we have it all. We even provide rentals, including tables and chairs, glassware and drinkware, and all the other necessities. Additionally, our facility is equipped with indoor and outdoor stereo systems, customizable lighting schemes, and dance floors of various sizes.

Another important factor to consider is whether you can get the services you need in one location. Fortunately, we have event planners and wedding coordinators on staff to assist you with all the logistics related to your rehearsal dinner, wedding day and reception.

When you choose D’Vine Grace Vineyard, you’re getting the best of everything all in one package.

Factor #4 When Choosing a Summer Wedding Venue: Style

Aesthetics are incredibly important in any wedding, so when you’re choosing a summer wedding venue, you need one that matches your personal style. Fortunately, D’Vine Grace Vineyard has four beautiful locations, each with its own style. Whether you choose the Grand Ballroom for its classic elegance, Chapel D’Vina for its rustic charm, Il Prato for its year-round green space, or La Piazza D’Amore for its spectacular water features and Tuscan-style amphitheater, you will be able to create your dream wedding at D’Vine Grace Vineyard.

How Do You Decide on the Perfect Summer Wedding Venue?

The best way to decide on a summer wedding venue that’s perfect for your needs is to begin taking tours. You can schedule a tour of D’Vine Grace Vineyard’s summer wedding venues by contacting our office today. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and show you around each of our four incredible wedding venues so you can make the right choice for your special day.

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