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What an incredible Venue! Beautiful inside and out with breathtaking views. It is perfect for every occasion and the owner and staff are great! They will work with you and ensure a pleasant experience not only in the planning process but during the event as well. The food is delicious and you cannot beat their prices! Will definitely book with them again!!!
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Jessica Connally
Rehearsal Dinner Services at D'Vine Grace Vineyard

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Celebrate in true elegance by hosting your wedding rehearsal dinner at D’Vine Grace Vineyard. Bring families and friends together to meet and share special moments the evening before your big day in one of our multiple venues, including our Grand Ballroom, Il Prato and La Piazza D’Amore.

"It's the perfect vineyard atmosphere, with a one stop shop for ceremony and reception including food and bar services."

A Night You’ll Never Forget: Planning the Perfect Rehearsal Dinner

Your rehearsal dinner is the perfect way to celebrate your upcoming wedding with family and friends, and you can hold it in an unforgettable venue by choosing D’Vine Grace. Friday nights are generally ideal for rehearsal dinners related to weekend weddings – and you can mix and match event spaces for a different experience.

You don’t have to have your wedding day planned at D’vine Grace Vineyard to have your rehearsal dinner with us! Many brides choose our vineyard for their rehearsal dinner to add a different experience than their ceremony and reception.

If you are having your wedding with us, there are a lot of perks to holding your rehearsal dinner with us as well.

  1. You get early access to the venue. If you choose to hold your rehearsal dinner with us, then you and your vendors will have even more time at the venue to set up for the next day. You can drop off all your decorations and supplies on Friday so you have less to worry about on the day of your wedding.
  2. Your guests are close by. If you’re holding your wedding with us, your guests will already be staying in a nearby hotel Friday night, and they only need to coordinate finding one venue for the weekend instead of two!
  3. You only have to coordinate with one venue. We are all about making things easy and seamless for our brides. Having your rehearsal dinner with us means you can coordinate all the details with the same coordinator you are using for the wedding.
  4. Experience another event space at D’Vine Grace. If you fell in love with all our event spaces, holding your rehearsal dinner with us is a great opportunity to use a different space. Many brides who chose the Grand Ballroom for their reception will choose Il Prato or La Piazza D’Amore for their rehearsal dinner or vice versa. Your guests will love having the “vineyard vibes” all weekend!

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Rehearsal Dinners in the Grand Ballroom

Featuring a spectacular entrance and gorgeous decor, the Grand Ballroom is an exceptional place to hold an indoor rehearsal dinner. With a mezzanine where guests can gather, built-in granite bars and even a big-screen that’s ideal for slideshows, videos and other multimedia displays, the Grand Ballroom may be the perfect place for you to host hundreds of guests before your wedding.

Rehearsal Dinners on
Il Prato

Green all year, the gorgeous turf lawn on Il Prato is the ideal space to host between 150 and 200 guests for a rehearsal dinner. Because it’s made from artificial turf, it’s the ideal space for al fresco dining and spending time with your loved ones on the eve of your wedding. Even better, your heels won’t sink into the ground, and you don’t have to worry about dirt or mud.

Engagement Party

Rehearsal Dinners On La Piazza D’Amore

The 7,000-square-foot La Piazza D’Amore features custom bench seating, customizable lighting, two water features and a professional outdoor sound system, and it’s the ideal place for socializing and dining under the stars before your big day. There’s enough space for up to 400 guests and several picture-worthy spots throughout so you can create memories you’ll cherish long past your wedding day.

Planning Your Rehearsal Dinner

The perfect rehearsal dinner is just around the corner at D’Vine Grace. Here are some commonly asked questions about rehearsal dinners – and of course, if you don’t see your question answered here, please feel free to call us and we’ll be happy to help.

Do You Need to Send Invitations to Your Rehearsal Dinner?

You don’t need to mail formal invitations to your rehearsal dinner. In fact, because it’s such a personal event, a phone call or an e-vite may be a little more meaningful. If you still wish to send a paper invite, many brides choose to include the rehearsal dinner invite along with the wedding invite to save on postage. But as with all other wedding related issues, it’s completely up to you; this is your big day, and you can set it up however you’d like.

Who Should You Invite to Your Rehearsal Dinner?

You can invite anyone you’d like to your rehearsal dinner. There are a few traditions that you may want to stick to, though – including reserving the rehearsal dinner invitations for the people in your wedding party, out-of-town family and friends, and the people closest to you. Typically, couples want to invite the entire wedding party, as well as other people who will be participating in the ceremony (it is a rehearsal, after all).

What Does a Typical Rehearsal Dinner Include?

Your rehearsal dinner can follow any schedule you’d like, but make sure that there’s time for all the planned activities. Usually, people close to the couple give short speeches, and people present gifts to members of the wedding party and parents. Often, a video or photo slideshow featuring the couple takes center stage for a while, as well. Usually, a rehearsal dinner takes around three hours in a semi-structured format.

Tips for a Successful Rehearsal Dinner at D’Vine Grace Vineyard

You can use these tips to make your wedding rehearsal dinner even more special:

  • Make it comfortable. Choose a venue that’s spacious enough for everyone, and create an environment where people who don’t know each other can meet and mingle. That way, the next day (at the wedding), friends and family can make all the necessary introductions rather than having to go through the couple first.
  • Make it personal. You can completely personalize your rehearsal dinner. For example, some couples name the tables after great places they visited, name a drink after a pet, set up photo booths to capture great shots of all the people they care about, or otherwise come up with ideas to make the evening personal and fun. Remember, your guests will be creating memories at your rehearsal dinner, too.
  • Keep it short. The rehearsal dinner typically takes place the Friday evening before the wedding, and the wedding day is typically extremely busy. Keeping your rehearsal dinner short (usually between two and three hours) is ideal, because in addition to the couple, the entire bridal party needs to get ready the next morning. Let your guests know ahead of time when the rehearsal dinner will end, as well; that way, they know when to leave.
  • Share time with all your guests. During your rehearsal dinner, you and your spouse to be should make an effort to spend at least a few moments with each guest. Let them know that you’re happy they came and that you’re excited to see them, particularly if they’re from out of town. This is especially important if you’re having a large wedding and won’t be able to devote much time to individual guests the following day.

D'Vine Grace Rehearsal Dinner Pricing Guide

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